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Add a Free Marketing Tool to your Website !

Besides search engines, word of mouth is surely the best marketing tool you can have to promote your site.

But how can you easily make people recommend your site or even a page ?

Simply add a Tell-A-Friend service on your website. By doing this you offer the possibility to your website visitors to send a recommendation email to their friends. We have been using Tell-A-Friend promotion for Years now and have found it to be an excellent form of promotion.

We would like to offer you our solution, i.e. our Tell-A-Friend PHP script, for FREE. Note that we appreciate donations.

Add our Alias Tell-A-Friend script to your HTML pages and your website visitors can easily start sending an email to their friends that recommends your website as a great place to visit.

Our Tell-A-Friend script is completely customizable and very easy to use.

Even if you only get a few people using our script each day, always bear in mind the snowball effect : one visitor tells their friends about your site, which in turn tell their friends, ... A single visitor has the potential to create literally thousands of referrals to your website.


An Apache Unix/Linux web server running at least PHP 4.1.0.

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