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How to install Alias Tell-A-Friend ?

After having downloaded the Alias Tell-A-Friend package on your computer, unzip it, and transfer (using an FTP client) all files under a directory of your choice on your server. It is very important to transfer all files in ASCII mode.

That's it! Alias Tell-A-Friend is now installed.

How to call the Alias Tell-A-Friend script from your pages ?

In other words, how to put Tell-A-Friend links or buttons on your pages ? Clicking on these links or buttons will execute the Alias Tell-A-Friend script which in turn will display the Tell-A-Friend form.

Example of code for a text link :

This will produce :

Click here to Tell your Friends about this page

Example of code for a button link :

A better way to call the Alias Tell-A-Friend script from your pages

In the above links examples, the Alias Tell-A-Friend script will use the referring URL (i.e. the URL of the page that the user is recommending) to tell their friends about. This referring URL will be included in the emails sent to the friends.
This has a few problems associated with it as you are relying on the user's web browser to pass some information that may or may not be passed along. Most web browsers do pass this information (known as the HTTP_REFERER header). However, this information is not always reliable. Occasionally a website visitor will be behind a firewall which either filters out HTTP_REFERER information, or even deliberately corrupts it.

Therefore we recommend to add


to your Tell-A-Friend links.

in the above links replace alias_tell_a_friend.php with


The friends will then get an email recommending to visit regardless of the referring URL present in the HTTP_REFERER header.

Here is an example to recommend this page :

Click here to Tell your Friends about this page

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