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Alias Tell-A-Friend Features

  • No database required: the Alias Tell-A-Friend PHP script works exclusively with text files.
  • The script can send a recommendation (a message telling people to visit your site) message to a list of up to 10 friends.
  • A copy of the message can be sent to the website visitor who has submitted the Tell-A-Friend form.
  • The website owner has the possibility to define a default message to be sent in case the website visitor has not entered any message. This message is contained in a configurable text file.
  • The script can manage an unlimited number of newsletters to which the website visitor can subscribe at the same time the recommendation message is sent.
  • After the recommendation message is sent, the script will redirect the website visitor either to the HTML page he was recommending or to another specific HTML page.
  • The way the Tell-A-Friend form will be displayed is fully customizable through editable configuration files (including Cascading Style Sheets).
  • The script can log the IP Address and the Email Address of the sender, the date and time the message was sent and the URL of the HTML page that was recommended. This information is logged into a text file.
  • The script is protected against Spam attacks. Any attempt to submit email addresses in email header fields like first name and last name will fail.

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