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Alias Tell-A-Friend FAQ

Is this script really for free ?

Yes this script is really for free. Apart from our paid softwares like Alias Find and Replace and Alias Email List Manager, we also like to give things for free such as this Tell-A-Friend Script.

How can you afford this ?

To cover our hosting and promotion costs we have placed advertising on this site. There is also a link to Alias Tell-A-Friend at the bottom of the Tell-A-Friend form and in each recommendation message that is sent. Unfortunately this does not cover the time we have spent and the time we will continue to spend to develop this script (we will continue to improve it based on your feedback).

If you feel like supporting us and our future developments, we accept donations. Any amount is welcome. Thanks a lot in advance.

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Does your script requires a database ?

No, everything is based on text files. This makes this script very easy to install.


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