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Alias Tell-A-Friend Demos

All demos below will show you the capabilities of the Alias Tell-A-Friend PHP script. The way the Tell-A-Friend form is displayed is driven by configuration files : settings.cfg, styles.css, header.html and footer.html

Demo 1

This is the way your Alias Tell-A-Friend form will be displayed by default. In other words, this is the way the form is displayed without modifying the configuration files.

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Demo 2

Here we have replaced the default form Titles, i.e. Your details, Your friends' email addresses, Your message (optional), Subscribe to newsletters (optional) and Tell your friends, with graphics.

To do this we edited settings.cfg (titles and images sections).

Note that we also edited styles.css to change the background color to white.

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Demo 3

Here we changed the graphic titles and we played with styles.css in order to change font family (Comic Sans MF), size (12 px) and color (light red).

We edited with the following styles :


Note that we also removed the border around the form by editing again styles.css. We edited :


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